Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pacifica Drama

The Darling Aground
Rigging The Pull
Living on the coast you can expect drama on a regular basis, most involving fools and boats.  The 80 foot 2.8 million dollar sail boat Darling pictured here was stolen from Salsalito by 3 pirate wannabes!  They ran the yacht aground in Pacifica a short time later. This of course made the news and the Coast Guard set up a rescue unaware the vessel had been stolen. The owner of the Darling caught the news and recognized his boat, and called police. The police with guns drawn persuaded the trio to surrender and promptly put them in the local hoosegow. Inside the boat was littered with beer cans and pizza boxes.

A landing craft type salvage boat was sent in at high tide in an attempt to pull the boat free. After much tugging the tow line snapped and as of about 5pm the Darling is still grounded!

Failed Attempt
3/5/13 Up-date:  The Darling was finally freed by a tug boat about 3 am and towed to Richmond California for repairs.

3/7/13 Update: Two of the 3 people arrested for this heist were released today. A couple in their mid 50's told police that the 3rd paerty told them it was his boat, they had no idea it was stolen...............humm!

Shallow Water 10 FT Keel

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