Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Army of out of Control John Henry's

John Henry
We are at a transition point where fossil fuel energy has to give way to green forms of energy such as solar, wind and hydrogen. If mankind were smart and not greedy, this could be a significant period of conservation and energy planning for the future. We need to squeeze the efficiency levels of hybrid, electrical and internal combustion to the maximum as a bridge to the future technologies.  However this is not happening and does not appear to be on any near future agendas.  Rather than face the reality of a finite resource life, energy companies are hell bent on using them up as if they will be perpetually replenished. They are in denial of an end game for fossil fuels and they are supported by the politicians they buy off. They are an army of out of control John Henrys hammering this planet to destruction.

Having worked in the engineering field it is clear to me that given enough money and resources just about anything can be conceived and constructed.  Yes, we can drill miles under our oceans but should we?  We can push high pressure fluids deep into the ground over vast regions; are we that desperate?

What’s up with blowing the tops off of mountains, are we insane? There is no respect for the environment, the animal and plant life that occupy it, the people who live here now or the future generations.  Is it just greed or some form of personality disorder or religious indoctrination?

I wrote an article in a previous blog post titled Climate Change is a Sub-set of Global Destruction. http://wildbayarea.blogspot.com/2011/12/climate-change-is-subset-of-global.html

I noticed both side of the Climate Change debate try to spin scientific data in such a way as to favor their point. Liars always figure, figures never lie best seem to sum up this tactic. My point is the scientific data does not even need to be examined. The planetary destruction that is unfolding before our very eyes is graphic evidence that we are f***ing up this planet big time.  There are 5 garbage pits or ocean gyres the size of states choking our oceans.    Mountain Top Removal Mining has destroyed 500 Appalachian Mountains, decimated 1 million acres of forest and has buried 2000 miles of streams. You don’t need scientific data, just look! The list goes on.

I would like to point out 1 mathematical phenomenon that seems to be over looked or ignored in the Climate Change debate. I’m talking about exponential equations that describe what happens to a physical system once it goes non-linear.  I hear the temperature of the earth has risen 0.8 degrees Celsius over a period of time and that if it increases at the same rate it will be 2.0 degrees Celsius higher in a certain future year. This is a linear projection but not necessarily a good model for such a complex chemical and thermal system as the atmosphere. Examples of exponential growth are found in nuclear chain reactions and bacterial growth. I don’t believe if we continue to damage the planet as we are doing today that temperature will stay linear or atmospheric chemistry will stay linear. We will reach a tipping point and be hurled towards infinity and out of existence.

So here we are in front row seats watching an army of out of control John Henry’s sledge our children’s future into oblivion.
John Henry's captain said to him:
"I believe these mountains are caving in. John Henry said to his captain: "Oh, Lord!"
"That's just my hammer sucking wind."

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