Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Climate Change is a Subset of Global Destruction

The debate on climate change, its legitimacy, whom is responsible, and the science behind it
all can easily be brought to a conclusion. No science is necessary, and any human being on this planet can participate and understand just through observation. Climate change is a subset of a much broader phenomena occurring at this moment and has for many years, and that is Global
. Global Destruction can be observed by most people with little

For example, many people living in West Virginia can merely look out their window and see
the tops of their mountains being removed. Actually they can breathe in the toxic dust and ingest toxins from their well water. This is not a natural phenomenon, nor is it caused by giant mountain termites. Human beings are hacking away at these once majestic hills and mountains in a desperate attempt to keep an unsustainable lifestyle alive.

Mountain Top Removal Mining has destroyed 500 Appalachian Mountains, decimated 1 million
acres of forest and has buried 2000 miles of streams. Want a source,
want a name, Massey Energy is responsible for most of this carnage.

Many folks in the gulf region experience Global Destruction when they come in
contact with the Gulf waters, and interconnected beaches, estuaries, and wildlife
habitat. Despite BP and the EPA’s massive cover-up and media blackout, evidence
of the destruction is everywhere. The ocean water has large plums of toxic
dispersant and oil droplets throughout the Gulf region. Scores of sea turtles,
birds, dolphins and other marine mammals have vanished. Evidence of toxins is
wide spread in plankton throughout the Gulf. Marshes, estuaries and grass lands
are fouled with oil, and tar balls are frequently found on beaches. Everybody
knows where this damage came from, no need to pour thru reams of scientific
documents, BP did it. BP and other giant petroleum companies will continue to
plunder the earth in a profit driven frenzy. Their underhanded deceitful TV ads
spinning them as good environmental caretakers of the planet will not cover up
the destruction and rape of the planet carried out by these corporations.

There are 5 ocean gyres or garbage
patches in our oceans. Two are in the Pacific Ocean, 2 are in the Atlantic
Ocean and 1 are in the Indian Ocean. One in the pacific is larger than the
state of Texas. The Patch is characterized by exceptionally high concentrations
of pelagic plastics, chemical sludge, and other man made debris. Now it is
pretty evident this is not a natural state of being. The only species on this
planet involved in the manufacture, distribution, and disposal of plastic is
man himself. So no scientific input is needed to verify this. Check it out,
take a boat trip to a gyre, look at it for yourself; run your hand thru the
water and feel the tiny plastic particles ooze thru your fingers.

Is this negatively affecting the planet? The most graphic visual evidence is right
here, be warned the images are disturbing:
No need to consult with a scientist here, your very own eyes will do fine!

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is the planet's largest reef system and one of the seven
natural wonders of the world, but it may not survive the century. The claim is
made in a book published tomorrow, which says coral reef ecosystems are very
likely to disappear this century in what would be "a new first for mankind
– the 'extinction' of an entire ecosystem". Its author, Professor Peter
Sale, studied the Great Barrier Reef for 20 years at the University of Sydney.
He currently leads a team at the United Nations University Institute for Water,
Environment and Health……… Published on Sunday, September 11, 2011 by the Independent/UK.

Scuba dive down on to a Coral reef in Komodo National Park destroyed by blast or dynamite
fishing, a destructive and unsustainable method of fishing prevalent in select
areas of the South Pacific. Again, you will not need any scientific instrumentation, just gaze at the carnage, it’s evident this was not caused by Blue fin Tunas or Hammerhead Sharks?

We are traveling thru the universe in a tiny fragile space ship called Earth, which supports our
very existence, and protects us from the hostilities of the rest of the
universe. Like a crew on a nuclear submarine, we should be caring for every
aspect of our vessel, with a carefully planned maintenance schedule which
includes meticulous tending to every element of our ship, engines, turbines,
fans, pumps, reactor, surfaces, plumbing and air conditioning, lubrication,
monitoring and documentation. The crew knows that one overlooked aspect of the
care of the ship can end up in disaster as experienced by the crew of the
Russian submarine Kursk!

Mankind, instead of being the respectful caretakers of their precious space vessel is the exact
opposite. They are hammering the bulkheads with giant sledgehammers like an out
of control army of “John Henrys”. They are fouling the plumbing and air conditioning with the most toxic material they can create. Liked a crazed mutinous crew they are attacking every component of their ship pillaging its supplies, and scuttling every nut, turnbuckle,
stanchion, riggings, mainmast, foremast and mizzenmast, in a belief that somehow
they can escape the ship at the last moment in some hastily put together raft.

Climate Change is minor collateral damage in the broad consequence of Global Destruction. Well
before temperature rises will adversely affect this planet, the earth will lie
in shambles with dead oceans, extinct food sources, and air and water unfit for
life support. Direct observation of the destruction mankind is inflicting on
this planet, one would have to be a moron not to envision the consequences,
which includes climate change, and the ultimate elimination of the life support
systems of earth.

So in conclusion, if we change the terminology from Climate Change to Global
Destruction, all ambiguity and scientific spin is eliminated. The evidence is laid out for all to see.