Thursday, January 21, 2016

King Tides Report January 21, 2016

El Niño Waves Pound Coast
Currently we are in the middle of the January King Tide event occurring 1/21/2016 thru 1/23/2016. During these events I monitor Miramar, Surfers Beach, Mavericks, and Pacifica, most notably around the Pacifica Pier.

Today at 7:52 am there was a 6.4 foot high tide. Barometric pressure was steady at 30.15 inchHg, wind was light, swells very small 2-3 feet. So today's King Tide was not very interesting due to poor conditions. However tomorrow looks like it could be very interesting on the coast. A significant storm is due in tonight and is predicted to carry on thru Friday morning at least. The surf report for Mavericks predicts 10-13 foot waves with 25-30 mph winds. High Tide will occur at 8:39 for Mavericks at about 6.4 feet.

The ocean has been more active during our  El Niño event than I've seen for many years. Recently there was very high surf that lasted for several days with spectacular wave action and damage along the coast. Beach Road in Pacifica is a street that runs parallel to the ocean around the Pacifica Pier and has been heavily damaged by the recent ocean assault and this has been widely reported in local news reports. Mirada Road, what's left of it,  is being battered on a daily basis and currently there is emergency repair work going on on the south end of the road. Mirada Road is no stranger to coastal retreat and destruction, years ago it stretched about a mile further up the coast near Surfers Beach. Constant retreat due to wave action has destroyed the portion of the road that stretched from Magellan ave to Surfers Beach. A picture of the remains of this road was featured as the cover of the book Living with the Changing California Coast! I'll be watching the action tomorrow which should be more exciting and dynamic than what was observed today.
Book Cover
Mirada Road, Miramar California

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