Sunday, August 3, 2014

Crimes Against Humanity

Northern Elephant Seals Jostling
There is one thing we can say about the obscenity going on in the Middle East and that is war crimes are being committed on both sides, the Palestinians launching rockets into Israel and Israel targeting civilians. Who is responsible and culpable, that’s easy, the leaders of Israel and Palestine, and these crimes have been going on for years with the blessing of these so called leaders! If we lived in a sane and just world, these people would be rounded up and charged with Crimes Against Humanity! Since the world we created does not work that way, empathetic people are relegated to sitting on the sidelines and weeping! 

We can expect no help from our elected leaders and the corporate news mouth pieces that obsequiously report the propaganda without question.  The good news recently is that social media reporting is countering the government propaganda that these news channels constantly mouth! I've seen a slight shift in the Gaza reporting because eye witness reporting and smart phone videos are making cable channels seem silly, biased, and unbelievable; They should be embarrassed. 

Benjamin Netanyahu constantly reminds people that Israel does not target civilians. When you launch massive bombs into a densely populated city, civilians are going to die, that’s a given. So Israel is most definitely targeting civilians, actions not words prove this true! It’s ironic that over 1000 civilians not targeted have been killed. Further evidence demonstrating Israel’s disdain for civilians occurred at the end of the 2006 Israeli Lebanon conflict. After the UN Security Council called for an immediate halt to hostilities, Israel dropped 4 million cluster bombs during the last days of the conflict.    These are the most indiscriminate weapons of modern warfare; 95 percent of all victims of cluster munitions are civilians, according to the organization Handicap International. So much for Israel not targeting civilians!

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